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"An Energy Healing & Empowerment Ceremony is a beautiful and transformational experience. We will work to repair the soul and spirit on the deepest level. It generally lasts 2-3 hours and includes the following:
Setting Sacred Space
We begin by setting sacred and safe space. We call in the helping spirits and our well, true and beautiful ancestors. We call in the elements to hold us in sacred space and to ask for healing.
Soul Retrieval
Soul loss can occur when a person suffers a trauma or emotional crisis. In trauma a part of the soul may fragment off and leave (dissociation) so that the body and the psyche can survive the experience. Soul loss leaves a person with less than their whole vital life force.
Possible symptoms of this include:
Not feeling "whole"
Feeling "that part of me left" or "I haven"t been the same since. . . "
Can"t remember a certain age or details of a traumatic event
Chronic illness, depression, or fatigue
Chronic behavior patterns or addictions
And more
Soul Part Integration
Once the soul parts are returned, they need to be integrated back into the client"s vital life force. This is so important. The healing and integration is deepened when done through shamanic journeying, which you will also learn how to do during this session."

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