Enhance Your Well-Being During Menopause

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"Menopause, an integral phase during a women"s life is often defined by challenge and transition. It happens as a natural biological process in women in their 40s or 50s and can occur in younger women due to medical or surgical interventions. Menopause presents unique challenges and women are left with unwelcome reactions to the changes within their bodies. Undesirable side effects often include hot flashes, changes in sleep/sleep difficulties, memory difficulties, brain fog, sexual difficulties, changes in your libido, weight gain, changes in your mood, and bone weakening.Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) divides a women"s life into 7-year cycles. Naturally, women start to slow down and age during the 7th cycle (49 years). TCM offers a unique approach to managing menopause. The TCM kidney organ of the water element is responsible for temperature, fertility, and fluid balance regulation. Menopause is associated with dysfunction of the TCM kidney, leading to imbalances in kidney Qi (life force), blood, and kidney yin and yang. Imbalances manifest as many of the common side effects associated with menopause, including, hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, sexual difficulties, and mood changes. Most effects of menopause will improve over time. The following 3 approaches help minimize symptoms of menopause as your body transitions."

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