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"In addition to their magical, mythical history, herbs are absolutely down to earth and contemporary in the protective role they can assume in aiding our transformations in this tumultuous world. From strengthening the immune system, boosting vitality and fertility, normalizing and maximizing the digestive/eliminative function, to clarifying mental processes, energizing and calming the nervous system, or enhancing the sensesthe list of potential blessings goes on and on. It is also important to recognize that the majority of subtle and complex trace elements that herbs provide are largely lost from the foods grown on denatured soils. These nutrients may make the difference in many of the health problems people face today. Of course, the point of balance is unique to each individual, and any serious condition should be addressed by a health professional. The resources you need may be nearer than you realizeand remember: Love is the most important nutrient of all."

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