Equanimous Healing & Movement Arts

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Foot, hand and ear reflexology for whole body health. Integrated reflexology and Reiki.

Find relief from foot pain, stress, anxiety, digestive complaints, insomnia, back pain and more.

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Quoted From: https://www.equan8.com/reflexology-reiki

"There are thousands of nerve endings in our extremities that are connected to our internal organs and our entire body. When reflex points are touched upon in specific ways, congestion around nerve endings are released and corresponding parts of the body are activated.Energy flow and circulation within the body is increased and deep relaxation occurs. Body systems begin to function properly and one's constitution becomes stronger, more relaxed and regains homeostasis. Clients have experienced incredible results with Reflexology such as pain relief, stress reduction, elevated mood, aiding in digestive complaints and improvement in overall well being."

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