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"Essential oils are the concentrated extract of various plant parts including peels, leaves, flowers, grasses, needles, roots, barks and resins. They are frequently used to treat insomnia, mild infections, digestive problems, common colds, arthritis and muscle soreness, but they also treat common emotional problems not addressed by most other therapies. This includes boundary issues, lack of patience, resentment, addiction, diminished self-expression, anger, lack of forgiveness, grieving, letting go and new life transitions. They are one of the best treatments for acute emotional upset because they work immediately!Essential oils, when inhaled, go straight to the limbic system, which is the emotional core of the brain. Olfaction, our sense of smell, is the strongest emotional trigger we have. This is why you might not remember what your great grandmother looked like, but you would certainly recognize her kitchen from the smell of baked cookies, for example. For patients who have conditions that come on suddenly, like panic attacks or cigarette cravings, smelling essential oils can be a great tool for on-the-go use in between other treatments. Essential oils can also easily be incorporated into massage treatments to target a problem area, or used on acupuncture points in lieu of needles for patients with needle sensitivity."

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