Existential Anxiety

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Quoted From: http://www.counselingtoempower.com/anxiety-and-stress.html

"No question about it, anxiety and stress are major challenges for most of us. Some of both is inevitable, but both can reach a point where they are actively interfering with our ability to function in our daily lives. The good news is that anxiety and stress are also very treatable. First, allow me to define anxiety and stress as I see them.Sometimes, our anxiety boils over into anger.Irvin Yalom, the famous existential psychotherapist and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, has written a great deal on existential psychotherapy and discusses the four themes I outline above in greater detail here. It doesn"t take a rocket scientist to realize that the four themes mentioned above are hugely important in all of our lives. To the degree that these themes are problematic in our lives, we will have significant anxiety.In order to successfully treat anxiety and stress, it"s vital that you understand BOTH levels the daily pressures and the major life issues that cause anxiety."

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