Exploring Creative Therapies

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Quoted From: https://eugenetherapy.com/article/exploring-creative-therapies/

"While talk therapy is extremely helpful in treating anxiety, depression and relationship issues, one limitation is that sometimes it can be difficult to put all emotions into words. Other types of therapy, like Art Therapy can help people connect with emotions on a deep level beyond what talking can do. When an author starts writing a book, or a painter puts brush to canvas, the creative process is at work. A wonderful vehicle to transform anxiety and depression into healing, the creative process can be utilized to help people heal and grow from within. One goal of art therapy is to restore a client"s functioning and sense of personal well-being. Art therapy is utilized as a common form of treatment in wellness centers, psychiatric and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, private practices, schools, senior communities and many other settings. Art therapy can help address a variety of symptoms such as:

Reconcile emotional conflicts
Foster self-awareness
Manage addictions and behaviors
Reduce feelings of anxiety/depression
Increase self-esteem
Relieve stress
Improve social skills (individual or group)
Enhance quality of life"

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