Feminist Therapy

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Abby Tuttle-Shamblin, LMFT provides therapy in Oregon. Call for help with anxiety, polyamory, ethical nonmonogamy, postpartum & more.
Quoted From: https://abbylmft.com/therapy-and-approach-to-treatment/

"Life can be very difficult at times. You might feel lost, misunderstood, lonely, worried, confused, unmotivated, disconnected, unconfident, discouraged, unheard, tired, or afraid. You may be grieving a significant loss. You may wish you could feel united with your partner or child. You may have had a traumatic experience. You may be having a hard time making a big decision. You may have a lot of stress in your life and find it difficult to find balance or prioritize your own needs. You may be questioning your identity and who you truly are. A past life experience may be holding you back in life. These and more are all valuable reasons to seek the support and connection of therapy.I believe in evidence-based treatment and I also believe strongly in the healing power of the therapy relationship."

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