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Quoted From: https://fertilitycenteroforegon.com/services/fertility-preservation-during-cancer/

"A diagnosis of cancer can result in psychological, physical, financial, and spiritual crisis. The treatment of cancer, surgical, medical, or radiological, can impair fertility either temporarily or permanently. If you have not yet started or have not completed your family, addressing future fertility is necessary.For men, preservation may include treatment with medicines that down-regulate testicular function during chemotherapy, freezing either sperm or testicular tissue. Women can cryopreserve ovarian tissue, eggs, or embryos. As with men, down regulation of the ovaries during chemotherapy may significantly improve the likelihood of the return of fertility following completion of treatment.s far as we know, specimens cryopreserved and stored in Liquid Nitrogen have infinite viability. Samples stored for 20 years have been used to create healthy babies."

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