Finding Your New Partner at Midlife

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"John Welwood's beautifully written book, "Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships" is simply a must read for anyone who has ever been in a relationship, and looked to their partner as the primary source for their approval. As Welwood explains, our partners are imperfect and at times will fail to meet our needsthere will always be disappointment when we look to another human to shore us up, in lieu of self-acceptance. Instead, Dr Northrup advises that women need to become their own "new partners" their own source of love, approval and acceptance. We do this through creating an intentional daily ritual of self-acceptance through which we fall in love with all aspects of ourselves: our bodies (yes, bellies, thighs, butts, vulvas, breasts just as they are), our sexuality, our skin, facesall parts of usdeeply, profoundly. Through this process, we will generate an inner radiance and self-acceptance as we"ve never experienced before. Ironically, as we project the joyful radiance of self-acceptance and sexiness, our partners find us more desirable"

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