Five-Element Acupuncture

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"Five-Element Acupuncture, rooted in ancient wisdom and adapted by Professor J.R. Worsley for the modern world, is an effective and unique system of medicine that diagnoses and treats the cause of disease. The ancients observed how the fundamental elements of creation, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, create life"s natural mysterious order. When these five elements manifest within us in a balanced and harmonious state, we experience health, well-being and the joy of being alive.The elements are seen externally through the changing of the seasons- Spring is the season of the Wood element, when the seedlings have the audacity to burst forth from the frozen winter; Summer is the season of Fire, when the world heats up in and matures in the radiant sunshine; Harvest is the season of the Earth element, when the hard work is of the year is celebrated in the bounty of all that comes ripe; Autumn is the season of metal, when the leaves and seeds fall to return minerals to the soil; and Winter is the season of the Water element, when the world stands frozen and poignant in its necessities, without any flourishing extras, surviving until spring comes again.Similarly, the elements are experienced in health and healing as the filters through which we experience our lives. Five-element acupuncture is a gentle medicine that respects the whole person- body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Although these are separate aspects of the self, each can be in-balance or out-of-balance, affecting the homeostasis of the person. An example of this can be found in the scientific data showing the effects of stress on health, and similarly can be felt as the stress caused by one being in pain."

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