Gait Analysis What Is It?

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"When we study the way a patient walks and/or runs, we can use their unique movements to diagnose issues that can cause pain and come up with an individualized treatment plan.
Our unique treadmill utilizes pressure sensor technology to evaluate foot strike mechanics with running and/or walking. Our software enables us to look at many variables including maximum force, stride length, cadence, etc. We use high speed cameras to record lateral and posterior views to determine other variables affecting gait.
Whether you are an athlete, an accident victim, someone suffering from central nervous and musculoskeletal system diseases and ailments or chronic pain, the gait analysis helps your physical therapist fully understand your needs.
Also, if you are an elite runner who would like to optimize your performance, the Gait Analysis is a great tool to analyze your form so you can learn how to exert your energy efficiently so you can improve both your form and your time."

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