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Are you looking for alcohol recovery centers in Eugene, OR? Find available up to date information about AA meetings including hours, address, phone and ...
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"There are different categories of behavioral therapies available to treat alcohol use disorder. First, we have cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps identify the emotions and situations associated with heavy drinking. After that, it helps you learn coping mechanisms so that you do not fall back on drinking when a problem arises in your life. Next, we have motivational enhancement therapy. This treatment helps you build and enhance your motivation and confidence so that you can form and follow a plan to change your drinking habits. Another form of therapy is marital and family counseling, like drinking, which has been shown to damage relationships. This can help you gain a support system that helps in your recovery. Lastly, we have brief interventions and these are where the counselor gives you information about your drinking habits and potential risks. With behavioral therapies such as these, usually support groups are recommended in adjunct to them. That is where Alcoholics Anonymous comes in as they are an organization that provides these meetings. If you want to find AA meetings Eugene Oregon, a city in Lane County on the southern end of the Willamette Valley, is one of the places you can locate them. You can find the locations of these meetings, plus any additional information you might want to know about AA, including a phone number you can call to ask any questions."

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