Guided Meditation

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Massage therapist, energy healer, sustainable clothing designer and artist located in Eugene, Oregon. Amber brings the mind, body and spirit into harmony.
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"EDGU is a spinal movement maintenance practice.It has been taught at Breitenbush Hot springs for over 20 years.
It"s a guided meditation combined with dynamic action to move the shoulder/arm/hand through all possible motions. Improves spinal health, helps to open the torso and build leg and pelvic floor strength.Edgu is a unique moving meditation practice that promotes spinal flexibility, releases muscular tension, and brings a sense of calm and focus. Through a sequence of flowing movements with the upper body, the hips stay stable, isolating movement to the spine and gently exercising the intervertebral disks to maintain their inherent cushioning and pliability. By including cross-body motions, Edgu also helps bring balance in the right and left hemispheres of the brain."

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