Hatha Yoga

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Christiana, a yoga teacher and student, offers her everday gal point of view on yoga it's many teachings
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"My mission as a yoga teacher is to help others find peace within themselves so that they can share their peace with the world around them. The purpose of this website is to be a resource not only for myself but also for my students and fellow teachers. I hope to give my students the opportunity to learn more about myself, yoga, and also about the amazing lineage of teachers that I am linked to. I want to connect with teachers in, around, and no where near Eugene so that we may be a resource for each other. Also, I will be using this page as a way to connect more deeply with myself. I"ve noticed that I learn so much from observing the people around me, but lately I feel the need to see what I can learn by observing me. In this way and many others I hope we can grow and blossom together. If you are interested in taking private or group classes with me check out my class schedule page. Currently I teach a few different classes at SpringWell Health Center in downtown Eugene including gentle and prenatal. I look forward to connecting with you. Thanks for stopping by!
~OM SHANTI! (In Peace)"

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