Healing Evolution Mandala

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Quoted From: https://creativespiritcollaborative.com/counseling/

"Our journey together will begin with a comprehensive evaluation of all of the important pieces of your life which we call the Healing Evolution Mandala. We will explore what aspects of your life feel satisfying and areas where you feel unfulfilled, stuck, hopeless, or confused. We will use that as a map to guide our collaborative journey together to choose which directions we head in and what approaches we use that would best support the primary concern at hand and each person"s interests and needs. In addition to using more traditional verbal/cognitive counseling practices, we also hold a Transpersonal perspective, intuitively encourage the use of art, the wisdom of the body, movement/yoga/dance, music, poetry/writing, animal supported therapy, and nature in accessing healing and wisdom.Counseling is for when suffering takes the foreground of someone"s life the majority of the time and obstacles appear as barriers that feel insurmountable whereas potential or possibility feels more obscured in the background. Someone seeking counseling may recognize that many aspects of their life feel out of balance or there are some significant pieces missing to a balanced life. Someone seeking counseling may be in the early stages of their healing path or feel that they have more to unearth and explore about themselves, they are learning and understanding how their history and social conditioning impact their lives now. Someone seeking counseling may feel like there are aspects of their life to grieve or they may feel like their life is devoid of inspiration but they have a deep subtle whisper that it is there underneath the layers of challenging life experiences and wounds."

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