High Intensity, Slow-motion Strength Training.

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Simply Strong - personal training studio/gym in Eugene, OR, is equipped with medical-grade machines, and offers 1-on-1 strength training.
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"Our exercises are designed for any age, size, and level of fitness.Slow-motion strength training reduces and prevents the chances of injury.Slow-motion strength training reduces and prevents the chances of injury.ll it takes is 15-minutes per week to ignite your muscles and help you build strength, fast.With stronger muscles, you"ll feel younger, more energized, and be able to prevent serious conditions like diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and high blood pressure.Prevent and reverse osteoporosis by building strength with our safe, efficient and personalized strength training workout programs.With strength training, not only will you keep doing the activities you love like golf, kayaking, tennis, and hiking, you"ll do them better."

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