Holistic Fertility Enhancement

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Eugene Holistic Medicine | Dr Kali Day, DAOM, LAc | Acupuncture for Pain, Fertility, Pregnancy and Pediatrics
Quoted From: https://www.eugeneholisticmedicine.com/fertility.html

"The essence of the fertility enhancement program is to take a closer look at the body from a holistic perspective and correct any and all imbalances that may be contributing to suboptimal fertility. Our mission is to help restore your fertility so that you can conceive naturally or increase your success rates if doing Assisted Reproductive Therapies.It is our strong belief that all women and men should strive for optimal health when planning to begin a family. The reproductive system works much like a concert symphony- a masterpiece is created only if all the players are giving their best. Women may have clues that their periods are not healthy; they may have lots of PMS symptoms or pain, heavy bleeding or irregular cycles. The first goal of the Fertility Enhancement Program is to educate women on the details of their menstrual cycles: to help them interpret BBT charts, identify cervical fluid, understand how the hormones interplay and work to create an optimal fertile environment. Then we use the tools within the Fertility Enhancement Program to attain better balance."

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