Hospice House

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Pete Moore Hospice House The vision for the Pete Moore Hospice House began with a community wide recognition of the need for compassionate care and a home-like environment for people to comfortably live out their final days. The support and input of the medical community and other community members translated this vision into reality. The
Quoted From: https://cascadehealth.org/hospice/pete-moore-hospice-house-2/

"A Hospice house is designed to provide hospital-level care for those on hospice in a home-like environment designed to meet the needs of both patients and their loved ones. The Pete Moore Hospice House provides both respite care and acute symptom management for those facing life-limiting illnesses. While these services are often provided in the home, a visit to a hospice house facility helps provide a higher level of comfort and pain management when caregivers are unable to control symptoms at home. By addressing the needs of both patients and caregivers during these critical times, we are able to preserve life"s dignity and serenity. Receiving comfort and compassion, while surrounded by those they love, helps individuals find meaning in the final phase of life. For those who don"t have family or someone to care for them, a hospice house setting is a desirable alternative in their final days to a nursing home or a traditional hospital."

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