Hospice of Sacred Heart

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Hospice of Sacred Heart is a home-based program that addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs of the dying person and his or her family. Hospice affirms life and combines medical care and support services for patients and families. Hospice care is provided by a team of professionals and trained volunteers including registered nurses and home health
Quoted From: https://www.peacehealth.org/sacred-heart-university-district/hospice-of-sacred-heart

"We carry on the healing mission of Jesus Christ by promoting personal and community health, relieving pain and suffering, and treating each person in a loving and caring way.

At PeaceHealth, the fulfillment of our Mission is our shared purpose. It drives all that we are and all that we do. To those who embrace the spirit of these words and our commitment to Exceptional Medicine and Compassionate Care, we offer the opportunity to learn and grow as a member of the PeaceHealth family."

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