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Knowing how to change careers, or even how to make any change, can be daunting and confusing. It takes patience, a plan and and action.
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"I frequently receive calls from individuals who have struggled for months in a job search where nothing they"ve tried is producing results. If I dig beneath the surface, I usually find they"ve been "patient" in terms of countless hours filling out applications the same old way hoping that alone will lead a job.

When I check how many resumes have been sent out, I"ll usually hear a number between 15 and 30, which has led to three or fewer interviews not unusual for many industries in Oregon and the Northwest.

The key to a happy and efficient conclusion to your job search, lies in your willingness to put together, and use, a plan and tools that get you in front of as many decision makers as possible. It takes patience to find them, forbearance to not take things personally when decision makers seem lukewarm when talking with you, and the endurance to keep up your efforts to make connections that will lead to a forthcoming job offer, even if you"ve faced with more than a few closed doors."

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