How to Cope with Grief and Find Your New Rhythm

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"Grief is an act of love
Grief is a natural and challenging part of life. Whether you are experiencing the loss of a child, partner, family member, friend, a beloved pet, job, or relationship, everyone experiences grief differently. There are no linear stages or magic cures for the grieving process. You cannot hurry grief, and sometimes when you start to feel stronger, it hits you like a crashing wave.When you are grieving a loss, it is best to not suppress your emotions, or you may prolong the grieving process. While you are grieving, it is common to feel physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. You may feel it is difficult to do everyday life tasks, concentrate or socialize. Wherever you are in your grieving process, know it is where you should be. This is your journey. You need to move towards acceptance, make peace with your grief and cherish the joyful memories of your loss.In Chinese Medicine, the emotion of grief is strongly associated with the TCM Lung organ of the metal element. Prolonged unprocessed grief can lead to impairment and dysfunction of the TCM lung, which may consume your Lung Qi (life force). Many people develop symptoms of exhaustion, mental weariness, and muscular tension."

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