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"If you"ve landed on this post, there"s a good chance you are either in the process of divorce or on the heels of the process and thinking to yourself, "now what?". Each step in the process of your divorce is challenging and a difficult process to get through. Whether it"s an abrupt divorce that happens almost overnight, or something that has been in the works for many years, divorce is never easy. No matter how "ready" you are, no matter how much you expected it, or how healthy it will eventually be for you and your life it is challenging and life-changing. If you"re wondering how to get over a divorce after a long marriage, we"re here for you.When you get married you obviously make several promises about your life and future together. In a perfect world, you keep those promises and live a long, happy life together. But the reality is that marriage and life-long partnerships come with inevitable bumps in the road. As two individuals, you are growing, changing and evolving over the course of those years together. You can grow together or you can grow apart and in many marriages, you do both! Just as the seasons of life ebb and flow, so does your relationship; whether you navigate those seasons side by side and come out stronger is not always definitive.
Unfortunately, marriage doesn"t come with a blueprint. There is no "full proof" method to help you navigate the testing and trying moments that will inevitably present themselves. A successful marriage entails a lot of trial and error, resilience and perseverance. But if your marriage isn"t successful, there"s probably several valid reasons why. The expected rate of divorce in 2022 is 44.2%. This number has been climbing consistently for many recent years. But why is that?
There are infinite reasons marriages don"t last. Some people may argue that you don"t just "get over" big life experiences such as a divorce. You move through it, navigate it and then arrive at a place of peace and contentment with the divorce set behind you as a part of your story that doesn"t define you anymore. But you don"t get there overnight. Getting over a divorce after a long marriage is a process and packed full of work, hardship, grief and resilience. It takes time and energy and is never linear. There will be high highs and low lows and it isn"t easy to ride those with grace all the time. If you have gone through a divorce recently after a long-term marriage, we have some tips in how to get through it and recover."

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