How To Prevent Foot Injuries

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"Did you know that the foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 different tendons, ligaments and muscles? We rely so heavily on our feet, and with that many moving parts, it is very common for one to experience foot pain. That being said, very rarely you will hear someone say they are going to workout their feet. Strengthening your feet is actually very important and can help alleviate soreness, pain, and improve your overall health and mobility.
You need your feet to support your body every single day, especially when you stand, walk, or run. Two of the most common foot injuries that we see at Tensegrity are in the achilles tendon (which causes pain in the area that connects the heel of your foot to your calf) and plantar fasciitis (which causes pain in the bottom of the foot and the heel). We recommend to regularly exercise and stretch your feet to make sure that they are providing the best support for your body and allow you to function daily free of pain.
With the help of our trained physical therapists and strength coaches, we aim to help increase your strength, balance, and coordination so that you can stay active on your feet for the rest of your life."

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