Hypnosis-Assisted Psychedelic Integration

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Quoted From: https://www.aumaya.com/psychedelic-integration

"For centuries, psychedelics have been used as powerful tools to dive into the subconscious mind, and yet the process of integration after a psychedelic experience is often disregarded or insufficiently addressed. The Hypnosis-Assisted Psychedelic Integration process is designed to help individuals integrate their experiences with psychedelics using hypnosis in a way that re-accesses the subconscious mind and process through the patterns of thinking that were uncovered during a psychedelic experience. Ultimately, integration is the key to the therapeutic value of the psychedelic experience because the individual's own thoughts, feelings, and memories are the foundation for the experience. With Hypnosis-Assisted Psychedelic Integration, a person is able to integrate their own thoughts, feelings, and memories post-psychedelic session, resulting in the ability to use the integration experience as a catalyst for growth, self-development, and psycho-spiritual transformation. It is the integration process that allows a person to resolve past negative experiences, gain new perspectives, and make beneficial changes in their life."

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