Individual and Couples Therapy

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"What is it?
According to the American Counseling Association, counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. Therapists often act as a guide to assist their clients with identifying and co-creating treatment plan goals and provide clients with encouragement and feedback during the therapeutic process. Each therapist has a unique style and approach and may use a variety of techniques and interventions to assist their clients with reaching their goals.
How do you know if Therapy could help you?
You have a prior history of mental illness
You are experiencing increased stress, anxiety, or sadness
You are going through significant transitions or changes
You experienced a major life event that is impacting you negatively
You need help making an important decision
You're having a difficult time in your relationships
What can you expect?
In your first session your therapist will discuss what brings you to therapy, your goals, your personal background, and any symptoms you've been experiencing.The two (or three of you, if meeting as a couple) of you will make a plan for working toward your goals and will begin the process of reaching them. In your (typically, weekly) sessions, your therapist will ask questions, offer observations, facilitate activities or exercises with you and will sometimes provide you with materials or resources to look over or complete between sessions. You may feel nervous before your first session and that is completely normal. Rest assured, your therapist will meet you with compassion and understanding throughout the course of your therapeutic partnership."

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