Individual Therapy for Healing and Growth

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"Perhaps the most recognized form of counseling, individual therapy, involves private sessions between the client and therapist only. Also known as psychotherapy, psychosocial therapy, talk therapy, or simply counseling, tens of millions of Americans seek counseling each year for a myriad reasons.
There is no right or wrong reason to seek counseling. Whether you"re simply looking to make positive changes, overcome barriers, and cope with loss, grief, or trauma, deciding to invest in your health and happiness through therapy is a decision to be applauded. Some of the many reasons adults and adolescents seek counseling include:
Obsession and Compulsions or Intrusive thoughts
Bipolar disorder
Childhood Trauma
Relationship Trauma
Traumatic events
Emotion regulation challenges
Gender/Orientation/Identity Issues
Relationship Struggles
Parenting problems or co-parenting
Behavioral Problems
Eating disorders
Grief & Loss
Insecurity, Lack of Confidence, Low Self-Esteem
Major Life Change (Marriage, Child, Divorce, Death, New Job, Relocation, Lost Job)
Medical Diagnosis
Self-Discovery or Self-Improvement
Substance Abuse and addiction
No matter what your goals are for counseling, our professionally trained therapists will offer you a safe, supportive environment."

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