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Alexander Technique training for voice, music, dance, sports, pregnancy and childbirth, and general health.
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"Inhibition/Not-doing - In Alexander terms, inhibiting is the conscious choice to "not-do". Remember the experience of being at the doctor and needing blood drawn? You first response was to tense your arm in anticipation of pain, but you knew that would make it worse so you deliberately asked your arm to stay relaxed. You inhibited your natural response to being poked by a needle. We can talk to our systems, ask muscles to let go if they are not actually needed. Try asking your back-of-neck muscles to soften (quality of a relaxed muscle) don"t do anything, just mentally ask. Ask several times in a row any changes? Rather than asking and then doing or moving, you are asking and then noticing what happens, trusting our systems to respond to our request."

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