Integrated Mental Health Services

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"The Odyssey Community Counseling Program at EMERGENCE offers services to individuals who present with problems around their mental health, life issues, or relationships. Our therapists are trained in a variety of therapy models and clinicians include licensed professional counselors, licensed marriage & family therapists, and licensed clinical social workers. We are able to support clients who are experiencing depression, anxiety and panic, suicidal thoughts and self-harm behavior, PTSD, eating disorders, difficulty managing emotions and coping with stress, conflict or other issues in relationships, and other life challenges. Odyssey Community Counseling is dedicated to providing an atmosphere that is both safe and accepting of diversity. We understand that while there are aspects of being human that are shared by all, how we experience those aspects as individuals can vary greatly and we strive to make space for those differences. Our goal is to support people with inclusivity and care, and to hold a stance of multi-cultural awareness and respect for diversity across all races, ethnicities, mental or physical abilities, gender presentations, social economic statuses, sexual orientations, spiritual or religious beliefs, and other life aspects not mentioned. All of our staff members receive training and supervision on various areas diversity, and in particular, many of the therapists are drawn to supporting LGBTQI communities."

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