Integrative Manual Therapy

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"Are you experiencing pain such as TMJ and/or facial pain, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, neck pain or even headaches? Integrative Manual Therapy is a huge body of work (which includes its own form of Craniosacral Therapy) with vast applications for pain management and alleviation. There are times when Sole Support orthotics are pivotal for recovery. The Functional Indirect Technique offers simple diagnostic and treatment methods that are wonderful for the spine and joints. And deep tissue massage can be an excellent supplement to treatment.Integrative Manual Therapy utilizes incredibly effective methods of working with nerves, blood vessels and you going through a life transition about which you feel stressed or confused?Hakomi Body Centered Therapy is a gentle method which accesses trance states through mindfulness allowing unconscious material to come to the surface while the conscious mind is present. In this way, one can work with core material and update previous early perceptions and decisions in a deep, gentle and nonintrusive manner. Hakomi is a natural and organic method of self healing and discovery."

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