Issues Frozen in Time

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"Ideally, past life theory offers the hope that "this time around" you will be able to find a more authentic and healing way to respond to these same challenges and break through obstacles that have proved insurmountable in the past.

Examples of such life challenges include how you cope with abandonment, anger, abuse, perceived failure, lack of money, loss of love, or significant illnesses or disabilities, just to name a few. These issues are often "frozen in time"and you are stuck right along with them.

Past life regression allows you to unlock the invisible origins of these challengesand helps to "unfreeze" these up-until-now mysterious blocks.

Thus, past life regression is not only a fascinating process. It offers a unique source of support, helping to uncover the personal truths you need to move forward and to allow time to "unfreeze" so that you will, at last, be able to experience the freedom and fulfillment you deserve"

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