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"The Feldenkrais Method was created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984); nuclear physicist, engineer, one of the first in the west to earn a double black belt in Judo, and a yogi. Feldenkrais classes are movement education classes taught in a group, or, in a private session. The aim is to increase the student"s awareness of themselves and their movement. Through this process it is possible to attain a larger movement repertoire and a more flexible body. An increased awareness of self as an independent entity that interacts with the outside world results in more efficient use of the body and improved wellbeing.

If you find yourself challenged to obtain lasting relief from pain and limitation of movement, you are in the right place. The work of the Feldenkrais Method is gentle, respectful, and non-corrective. That annoying neck, shoulder, or low back pain that has become all too familiar. It doesn"t limit itself to a convenient schedule, flaring up at unpredictable times, and never a welcome addition to the agenda"

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