Lane Independent Living Alliance

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"(LILA) grew out of an important historical movement. Throughout time, people with disabilities have faced many barriers to fulfilling their potential. Society has often looked down on them, attempted to shut them away, designed structures and spaces that served only able-bodied people, and assumed those with disabilities couldn"t make decisions for themselves.Following the model of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960"s, people with disabilities began to organize. They developed a philosophy that said people with disabilities deserve to live with as much choice, access and inclusion as possible. Their efforts became known as the Independent Living Movement. popular rallying cry of the IL Movement was and is "Nothing for us without us!" Too often, services for persons with disabilities were developed and administered by the able-bodied. Service providers often saw consumers as "the needy" rather than peers with the potential to be self-sufficient. What was missing were service organizations run by and for people with disabilities, where peers and role models could show the way to a more independent and fulfilling life."

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