Learning How To Resolve Conflict Peaceably

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Quoted From: http://mckenzierivermenscenter.possiblemasculinities.com/promoting-healthy-relationships-for-men/

"Having healthy relationships is as essential as air, food and water to sustain life. Many of the men who come to our center are searching for having a deeper connection to their authentic selves and to others. Some of the ways we address healthy relationships is by:Enhancing men"s awareness of how being a man affects their relationship with others.Increasing awareness of possible barriers to developing meaningful relationships, e.g. low self-esteem, fear of rejection or hurt, fear of losing one"s identity, difficulty trusting others.Encouraging men to rely more on each other may help take the pressure off of one"s romantic relationship to meet all one"s needs.Replacing fear of dependency upon others with a healthy appreciation of the value of living interdependently with others."

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