LGBTQIA and Gender Affirming Therapy

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"What is it?
According to the American Psychiatric Association, LGBTQ and Gender Affirming Therapy is a therapeutic stance that focuses on affirming a patient"s identity and does not try to "repair" it. In this approach, your LGBTQ competent therapist will support you in processing and celebrating your identity and your authentic self in a safe and welcoming environment. In sessions your therapist may facilitate activities or exercises that help you process and explore your identity. We understand that discussing sexual, affectional, or gender identity can be difficult for many.
How you know if affirming Therapy could help you?
You are LGBTQ
You've been questioning your identity
You recently began identifying as LGBTQ
You are considering receiving gender-affirming medical care (e.g. hormones, surgery)
What you can expect?
In your intake session your therapist will discuss what brings you to therapy, your goals, your personal background, your symptoms, and other general information. From there, you and your therapist will make a plan for working towards your goals and will begin the process of reaching those goals. In subsequent sessions, your therapist may also facilitate activities or exercises with you during therapy and may provide you with materials or resources to look over or complete between sessions. You may feel nervous before your first session and that is completely normal. Rest assured, your therapist will meet you with compassion and understanding throughout the course of your therapeutic partnership."

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