Life is Not a Spectator Sport

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"Our wonderful bodies are our homes and we must take care of them. Exercise and movement is critical throughout out lives. Combined with healthy food, proper hydration, engaging work and leading a life of purpose, we can truly thrive and remain resilient into our later years. It takes discipline, self love and finding a set of physical activities that bring out the joy in us. Keep trying to find what you love. From dancing to the martial arts, from yoga to rock climbing, just keep moving. Asanas (postures) in yoga improve the body on many levels. Asanas engage and benefit all systems and organs, improve circulation of blood and lymph, build endurance and resilience, train the brain, promote better sleep, increase flexibility, strength and balance, encourage detoxification and aid digestion.Meditative aspects of yoga work magic on the mind. Meditation and focus increase sharpness and memory, ward off degenerative disorders of the brain, bring about inner peace and de-stress. The spiritual aspect of yoga offers the practitioner a way of merging with the Universe by dropping the ego self, attaining liberation and living in a state of love. Through the practice of yoga you are also taught to release negative thoughts, emotions, patterns and habits."

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