Loss of Energy and Fatigue

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Quoted From: https://www.wskycounseling.com/depression.html

"Most people have felt sad, down, or depressed at times. Feeling depressed can be a normal reaction to loss, failure, chronic pain, and disappointment. But, if you are experiencing sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness or helplessness that last for many days, or that stops you from participating in activities that you normally enjoy, then it may be something more than sadness.There is a not a one-size fits all approach to treating depression. By becoming as informed as possible, though, we can help you find the strategies that can help you overcome depression, feel happy and hopeful again, and reclaim your life.s challenging as depression may be to face, there are well-established therapies and treatments for depression. If there is no underlying medical cause for your symptoms of depression, counseling in combination with lifestyle changes can be an extremely effective treatment."

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