Massage Yoga Experience

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"Yoga can greatly increase the quality of your life. Massage can greatly increase the quality of your life. Yoga and massage? Can you hear your body saying "aaaaaaahhh" right now? Yoga and massage have many of the same benefits. They both enhance blood flow to tight areas that don"t receive as much nutrient rich blood as they should, promote mobility in joints and connective tissues, and encourage relaxation, a sense of peace and relief from stress.When yoga is performed in combination with a massage, the results are more powerful than either one on it"s own. Whether you practice postures before or after a massage, your body will feel the great rewards. Practicing yoga postures is a wonderful way to enhance the relaxation you feel from a massage. Your muscles feel great when you are done with your massage session. You feel good, peaceful, like you just stepped away from reality and decompressed. Yoga postures can bring that sense of well-being back to you at home, and encourage true healing of your chronically tight and constricted areas.You may notice that when you practice your postures after a massage, you have much more mobility than normal. Your muscles are already loosened and warmed from the increased blood flow, you have less constriction because your knots have been loosened and you are in a receptive and relaxed state. This is a wonderful time to soak up the benefits of stretching!"

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