Menstrual Irregularity

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"Menstrual irregularity may occur anytime between the onset of menses to menopause. Irregularity can be caused by a wide array of problems, so finding the cause and appropriate treatment requires the help of experienced, caring professionals like the physicians here at Pacific Women"s Center.

Menstrual irregularity includes issues like absent, infrequent, long, heavy or painful periods. If you experience any of these problems, please contact us to make an appointment.

If irregular menstruation is affecting your life, have hope. Oftentimes, the underlying cause of the problem is a treatable one. We are experts in our field and finding the right treatment for you is our highest priority. Things like pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, problems with the endocrine system, infections, malignancies, diseases, trauma, and even certain medications can all cause disruptions in your menstrual cycle. Do not hesitate to see your Pacific Women"s Center physician if you are experiencing any issues with menstruation because these symptoms can sometimes be serious and necessitate treatment as early as possible.Finding the correct diagnosis can be as simple as a blood test, ultrasound or pelvic exam; other times it can mean more intensive testing and treatments. We will provide you with excellent care during your workup and treatment process."

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