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"Modern Energy Tapping was developed by Sylvia Hartman in the late 90"s. It is based on the provable, measurable, experiential reality of the "living energy body" in people rather than the traditional ideas surrounding ethereal energy from ancient cultures, New Age energy medicine or any form of ancient religious or spiritual tradition.Modern Energy focuses on healing your physical body by tapping into your energetic body. It does so by using your 6th sense. Your 6th sense is made of up intuition, emotion and psychosomatic pain. As you recognize the signals that are being sent from your energetic body, you can measure, understand and change your experiences, emotions, relationships and actions in a whole new way.One could say that Emotional Freedom Techniques helps shift and release what you are ready to let go of while Modern Energy Tapping brings in the emotions, imagination, inspiration and energetic DNA of what you are looking to achieve and feel. Even though the techniques are similar each method provides a different yet positive result."

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