Monte Nido

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"At Monte Nido, we acknowledge that interacting with food will be challenging during treatment. Because we understand healing a relationship with food takes time, we are able to provide support that meets clients where they are. To ease the transition into treatment and begin the recovery process, we allow clients to move away from eating disorder fears in a way that enhances engagement in early treatment, but does not leave clients feeling helpless.

We know people presenting with disruptions in their attunement with their bodies can, with effective treatment and support, restore a healthy relationship with food and activity and go on to become fully recovered conscious eaters. Our program was designed around the concept that each client has a core healthy self but who, over time, develops an eating disorder self that powers the urges, thoughts, behaviors associated with these complicated illnesses. The Monte Nido level system provides the appropriate structure for clients to develop and strengthen their awareness and abilities to distinguish between their "healthy self" and "eating disorder self." The levels also provide a structure for clients to take on increasingly higher levels of responsibility for their treatment and recovery and helps to teach them how to build and sustain full recovery."

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