Mystery Wisdom Keeper Sessions

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"Welcome, open the door and step into the journey! Deep within your sacred heart lays the wisdom of your soul. It is time, Divine Wayshower, to unlock the infinite well of your knowing.Will you journey the light and the dark of yourself to unlock the doors to your higher path?Sacred space that holds you in a cocoon of light as you peel back your layers, master your gifts and receive on a level you have not yet allowed.From the Shipibo indigenes tribe view, there are two parts to forming an intention. One is about getting clear on what it is that you"d like to get rid of, the other is about what you want to heal. What is it that the shamanic journey can help you to move beyond? First, check your body are there any physical issues bothering you? If not, then move on to the less physical. What patterns are you trying to break? What do you keep attracting that is counter to your highest goals? What are you afraid of? What makes you angry? How do you feel on an average day? Thrilled to be alive? Or like life is unfair, and like you wish things were different? Tune into your heart to feel what"s true. More simply, what are you trying to heal? An answer could be as simple as a lack of confidence, or complex patterns that lead us into angry interactions. There is no such thing as a "wrong" intention!~ Shipibo"

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