Naturopathic Functional Medicine

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"Many health practitioners, including conventional care providers, are getting on the functional / wellness / integrative bandwagon. It"s an alternative to the conventional assembly line care model and works better for many people, especially those with chronic diseases. We congratulate practitioners that are taking this important step in offering services that improve the health and well-being of patients and our communities. We differentiate ourselves in that wellness and natural healing has always been at the core of our services and original Naturopathic Medical School training. Naturopathic Medicine (term coined in 1892, see Naturopathic Principles and Therapeutic Order at the bottom of our FAQ page) predates the emergence of Functional Medicine (concept created in 1990) by many decades and is the real deal. We did not start with a professional conventional training background and just take one wellness seminar (like a functional medicine seminar) and call ourselves an functional / wellness / integrative expert, it takes many year of study, training and practice to be a true expert. We are sought out and get results because we are knowledgeable and have many years of experience in natural medicine. We spend a generous amount of time with each person carefully crafting an individualized / targeted treatment plan based on evaluation of their current and historical physical, genetic, environmental, and lifestyle status. We treat people like their health concerns are important, even in special or unusual circumstances. Our most proactive patients get the best outcomes. We welcome their questions, address their health concerns, and if they have already done research on their condition (such as on the internet or in support groups), help them prioritize, individualize and safely sort through options or conflicting information. We are happy to help guide and educate them about the steps necessary to take their health back into their own hands."

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