Negative Self-Talk

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Anxiety, assertiveness, boundaries, codependency, depression, relationship issues, perfectionism, procrastination, self-compassion/esteem.
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""I"m my own worst critic," we might say in a sudden moment of insight. Learning to be less critical and more compassionate towards ourselves can often be a challenge. Self-compassion involves being aware of our own pain and suffering, and understanding that this is a hard, but normal human experience. Feelings of kindness and care towards ourselves seem almost impossible to accept.Then there"s self-esteem: People talk about it all the time. Yet somehow, phrases like "I"m a good person" or "I"m worthwhile and valuable" seem disingenuous. These aspects of self-esteem lack two crucial elements: First, they"re not believable. And second, they don"t address the real question, buried down deep: We really do feel that we are unlovable, worthless, or permanently stuck because of who we are."

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