Oromyofunctional Therapy

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Quoted From: https://www.breatheworks.com/copy-of-speech-language-therapy

"Muscle Function Therapy for the Tongue, Lips, Jaws, Respiration, & Head Posture
What?!? You can work out the muscles in your mouth, face, and throat just like you do your core, arms and legs etc. You CAN change the function for better or for worse. Did you know that you should be breathing through your nose, into your diaphragm (light and right), that your tongue optimally should be lightly suctioned to the roof of your mouth, lips closed without tension, teeth apart, and you shouldn't be experiencing pain or tension! If this is not what you do then you may have an Oromyofunctional Disorder (OMD)
Signs and symptoms of an OMD include:
Strong Gag Reflex
Dental Malocclusion (narrow jaws, crowded teeth, open bite, cross bite, etc.)
Mouth Breathing (habitual, congestion, SDB, OSA, UARS)
Articulation Disorder
Vocal Fatigue with overuse
Voice Disorder
Tongue Tie
Lip Tie
Hard Time Breathing when Exercising
TMD/Craniofacial Pain
Scalloped Tongue
Tongue Thrust
Unexplained Excessive Cavities
Forward Head Posture
Digestive Discomfort
Picky Diet
Overstuffing Mouth when Eating
Chewing and Swallowing Dysfunction"

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