Osteopathic Manual Treatment

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"The elegance of osteopathic medical manual therapy is that your body is naturally programmed to function normally. Sometimes an injury causes your body to malfunction. The treatment uses gentle manual techniques that give your body the opportunity it needs to return to normal function.
Osteopathic Manual Treatment Can Be Used If You:
Have chronic pain due to an accident or injury
Have pain due to overuse of muscles, tendons, ligaments,
or joints
Have unresolved discomfort or pain after surgery
Experience decreased physical function
Have athletic injuries
Have lower back pain
Decreased mobility in hips
Tension headaches
Tightness in the neck and shoulders
Leg and foot discomfort
Your orthopedic medical diagnosis may indicate that you have restricted movement in your joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, or facial tissue.
What Are The Principles Of Osteopathic Medicine?
The body is a unit.
Structure and function are inter-related.
The body possesses natural self-regulatory mechanisms.
The body has the inherent capacity to repair dysfunction.
When the normal adaptability is disrupted, or when
environmental stresses overcome the body"s capacity for
selfmaintenance, dysfunction may occur.
The movement of bodily fluids is essential to the maintenance
of health.
The nerves play a crucial part in controlling the fluids of the
The elegance of Osteopathic Manual Therapy is that it enhances your body"s natural ability to be programmed to function in a healthy, normal way."

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