Outgrowing Power, Anger & Control

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Quoted From: https://cafaweb.com/content/opac-domestic-violence-intervention-and-anger-management

"Anyone who is interested in understanding his/her patterns of anger and wants to learn kinder, safer, more respectable ways of interacting with others is encouraged to sign up. Please know that because our agency serves children we are unable to provide in person groups and services to individuals with sex offenses.
What are the classes about?
OPAC"s curriculum is always adapting based on new research and evidence-based practices for working with families and individuals. Amidst these cutting edge approaches, the foundation of the curriculum includes classes focused on:
Domestic Violence
Drugs & Alcohol
Being Assertive Vs. Aggressive
STOP process
Brain Function
People Building
Emotional Intelligence
High Cost of Battering
Parenting & the Impact of DV on Children
Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)
Franklin Reality Model
Brain State Model (Conscious Discipline)"

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