Pendulum Therapy

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"4 Disc Isis Pendulum -This Therapeutic Egyptian Isis cross of life pendulum is used to detect energetic imbalances and rebalance them by emitting the frequencies of Visible Spectrum White Light.Universal Pendulum Energy Balancing - The Universal Pendulum is a tool which helps detect qualitative vibrations and broadcast missing radiesthetic colors into the energy fields to balance and strengthen a living being or space. It also helps locate and removes harmful radiations within a person for overall wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit.nti Radiation Pendulum - This pendulum supports the clearing of harmful radiation that can affect our bodies when in close contact with EMF's, electro smog, and technopathic stress due to modern technology. The pendulum is created with ingredients such as pure certified Shungite, Authentic Ambar, Activated charcoal, and other ingredients known to support our biofields in clearing unwanted radiations.Exor Pendulum - This pendulum is aimed at clearing the effects of black magic, curses, hexes, enchantments, spells, incantations, negative consequences of rituals, possession, harassment by negative entities, removal of structures of subtle oppression and entrapment and similar types of situations"

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