Perineural Injection Therapy

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"Pain is usually thought of as coming from damaged tissues in the body (bones, tendons, ligaments, etc.). Tissue damage does indeed cause pain, but it is not always the root cause of the pain that we perceive. The pain that we perceive is often carried by superficial sensory nerves located just under the skin that act like local electric circuits, which turn on when stimulated by various things such as heat, sharp objects, toxins, etc. After the stimulus, the nerves reset themselves and wait for the next stimulus. When these nerves are bruised, over-stretched, or repeatedly overstimulated, they become dysfunctional and do not reset themselves, which results in chronic pain.
This type of chronic pain is defined as neuropathic pain.
Perineural Injection Therapy is a medical technique developed by Dr. John Lyftogt from New Zealand to treat dysfunctional nerves. He discovered that my injecting 5% glucose just under the skin near the dysfunctional nerves can reset them and make them function normally. In more severe cases, the treatments need to be repeated weekly for four to five weeks."

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