Personality Disorder

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Thriveworks in Eugene, OR can connect you to a licensed psychologist with the specialized skills to help you overcome the mental health issues that are holding you back from the life you want to live.
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"You know how important it is to take care of your physical health, and you try to do things every day to stay strong and healthy. You may do your best to eat well, exercise when you can, and stick to a regular sleep schedule. But caring for your mental wellbeing is just as essential and can make it easier for you to cope with life"s unexpected situations.

Good mental health is a vital part of your overall wellbeing and plays a significant role in your mood, emotions, relationships, performance at school and work, and so much more. There are many things you can do to take care of your mental health, but it requires regular effort. If you are experiencing one or a number of mood disorders, this can be difficult to do all on your own.

When maintaining good mental health feels like a challenge, working with a licensed psychologist can make it easier. Psychologists are mental health professionals with specialized skills that can help you cope with difficult symptoms and overcome the mental health issues that interfere with your life.Psychologists help people from all walks of life overcome a wide array of mental health issues. A licensed psychologist can help manage chronic mental illness and guide you through major life transitions or other short or long-term issues.Your mental health determines how you deal with stress and move through life. Working with a licensed psychologist can help you manage your mental health and navigate life"s ups and downs.

Psychologists undergo extensive education and certification to become highly-qualified mental health professionals. Most hold doctorate degrees and receive additional training in a specialty area such as child psychology or anxiety counseling. A licensed psychologist can test, diagnose, and treat a multitude of mental health issues.

Our psychologists create a personalized experience for you that is tailored to fit your individual needs. They will take the time to assess your personality, symptoms, emotional state, and past experiences to help develop a unique treatment plan that addresses your concerns and goals."

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